Sunday, 7 April 2013

i still look for your face in the crowd

Hat - Topshop, Tshirt - H&M, Disco Pants - American Apparel, Shoes (not pictured) - Converse

I'm slowly but surely getting more and more comfortable with life here in Italy. It's still raining though - where art thou Italian sunshine?! I've met a lot of people my age, who speak English really well, it's been really nice experiencing the life of a young Italian - it's a lot different to being a tourist. I think me and some of the girls are going to get our nails done later so I'm sure that'll find its way onto the blog, Italy is making me girly apparently.  

I'm also going to attempt to dye my own hair this week, just the same colour as it is now but the roots are in dire need of attention and I don't think I'm trusting enough to go into a salon here just yet. This way, if it all goes horribly wrong I only have myself to blame!

I'm told the sun is on its way and I'm pretty sure we are going away later on this month so hopefully I'll be able to get some nice photographs of Italy. It's been a bit of a rough week because 2 of my closest friends had their birthdays and obviously I'm not at home to celebrate with them, also, all of the uni goers came home for Easter. I miss home a lot but I'm still really loving life here in Italy.


  1. Those disco pants look amazing

  2. Love your hair colour! I've always wished I could carry off red hair but I can't.great outfit by the way. & I'm a little bit jealous of you being in Italy :) it's somewhere I've always wanted to visit xx

  3. Beautiful! So glad to hear you're settling into Italian life, I hope the sunshine comes out for you soon! <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. loving your disco pants! and I'm so jealous you get to live in Italy!

  5. Love the disco pants hun! They are fab! ((:


  6. Ah, I'm so jealous you're living it up in Italy - I'm half Italian but only get to visit once in a very blue moon, so you're living my dream life right now!
    Loving the disco pants, too, wish I had the guts to try them out! xx

  7. I love your disco pants and hair!

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  9. Love your disco pants!

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  10. You've got a great Blog.

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    Kisses :*

  11. love it :)
    great blog u have,
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  12. This is a lovely look and your hair colour is so beautiful!
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