Friday, 15 February 2013

i can't even sleep at night

I think it's time to pay some credit where credit is due. On a daily basis random members of the pubic will comment on my hair. People in shops, people walking down the street, people in bars and just about every comment on any of my blog posts includes or is solely dedicated to these luminous locks of mine.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted bright red, curly hair all the way down to my bum. Realistically I was about 7 when I decided this fate for my hair and I have mostly been striving for this ever since. I didn't start dying my hair until I was the grand old age of 12, I had it highlighted blonde for a while because every little curly haired brunette wanted to have blonde straight hair, even just for a day. I then dyed it every shade of dark brown and copper with a big pink streak thrown in somewhere around 2009 for good measure. In between all of that malarky I have flirted with fire red hair and for the moment I'm not looking back.

The length, however, I took into my own hands even earlier on in life. I cried and I screamed and finally once the smallest amount of hair had been trimmed off I would cry some more because it was "too short and I look like a boy". Nonsense, of course and Kerry, my aunt and life long suffering hair dresser is still fighting this very battle. Realistically, my hair needs two inches off it to be the best it can be but I'm tearing up just typing that - no, I'm not joking, it really is that bad!

In general, I love my hair and I know I'm very lucky to be able to say that. Bar a couple of years in high school when it was oh so cool to have poker straight hair, I have been very tolerant of my curls and over the years have grown to truly love them. I'm currently 4 hours from home without a pair of hair straighteners packed - unheard of! The last couple of time's it's been dyed red we have finally achieved the dream colour, the picture with my best friends shows it most accurately. I thought I was ok with the length of it then Rihanna ruined my hair esteem.

I have spent every day since the "Man Down" video came out in a dark whole of ridiculous insecurity - "I've got short hair." I'm almost certain that length is not even Rihanna's hair for goodness sake and even if it is, she has since rethought the situation and hacked the lot of it off. Lets just address this in relation to me for a moment though, I can see the pictures of my hair as clearly as you can. I don't have short hair - when I look at it, I do not see short hair yet I am completely insecure about it. It's completely bonkers, I know! My friends and family despair with what to say anymore. I'm not sure I'd be happy until I was sat on it, my hair is way to thick to even think about hair extensions so for now I am plagued with this completely unjustified misery.

There you have it, my oddest but possibly one of my deepest insecurities. If you do have any questions about my hair, or anything for that matter, please feel free to ask via the comments or twitter @exwardroberach
As always, thanks for reading, or thanks for looking at pictures of Rihanna's envy inducing hair, either way I really appreciate it.


  1. lush hair!

  2. Your hair literally is amazing , so the compliments are deserved! Love it x

  3. your hair definitely deserves it's own post, it's amazing! xx

  4. Your hair is simply amazing xx

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  5. Your hair is lovely, the colour really suits you! :)

  6. It looks frikken amazing, I wish I could pull off that colour.


  7. Your hair is absolutely amazing! <3

    Jennie xo |

  8. Your hair really is beautiful and it's so good that you agree. not many people can! :) Love the colour so much, so vibrant!
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    Thank you :D
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  9. Yess dare to be different we are fans of red hair here at great blog.